Pakyıl Gıda

About Us

History :

Pakyıl Gıda Ltd. Şti. his family is from Siirt and was established as a family business by coming to Bursa in 1996.

About Us:

Since 1996, we have been in the market in the distribution and sales of food, cleaning, cosmetics and paper group products. Seck with our staff and our large fleet of vehicles we serve throughout Turkey. Our sales and distribution team appeal to the group of wholesalers, hypermarkets and chain markets. At the same time some of our tar still in the buying and selling is available throughout Turkey.

Our Mission:

We want to become a stable and profitable growing food company with social responsibility and environmental awareness, offering quality products by using high resources efficiently, constantly improving itself, working honestly in accordance with the laws and ethics, and with our customers and employees.

Our vision:

– To be sensitive to customer and market needs.

– To adopt customer satisfaction and trust as a continuous basic principle, Pakyıl Gıda Ltd. Şti. to work with an approach that complies with the laws and moral values and values the environment.

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